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Kentucky Medicaid 837 Companion Guides

Companion Guide instructions are displayed in Adobe Acrobat formats.

The 837 transaction under HIPAA is the standard electronic exchange of information between two parties to carry out financial activities related to health care. The health care claim or equivalent encounter information transaction is the transmission of either of the following:

  • A request to obtain payment, and the necessary accompanying information from a health care provider to a health plan, for health care.
  • If there is no direct claim, because the reimbursement contract is based on a mechanism other than charges or reimbursement rates for specific services, the transaction is the transmission of encounter information for the purpose of reporting health care.
Companion guides document situational fields from the Implementation Guide, that are required to process Kentucky Medicaid claims. However, the documents are not the complete EDI transaction format.

EOB Crosswalk

277 Health Care Payer Unsolicited Claim Status

835 Health Care Claim Payment and Remittance Advice

837 Professional (HCFA-1500)

837 Dental

837 Institutional

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