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Provider Relations is the first line contact for medical provider's questions.  The area consists of trained, skilled staff who respond to both written and telephonic inquiries.

Please refer to the DMS Provider Enrollment website for specific forms and documentation required for enrollment.

The Provider Relations area is available for service 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

Page Updates

August 11, 2006
KyHealth Choices - Prior Authorization Requirements A-70.doc ( 08/10/06)
Frequently Asked Questions for the "Prior Authorization" Provider Letter Dated July 14, 2006 ( 07/31/06)
To help expedite prior authorization requests, see KyHealth Choices - Prior Authorization Information ( 08/02/06)


  • KyHealth Choices - Kentucky Medicaid Program Update (07/14/06) - Information on new prior authorization requirements and the DMS Communication Resource Guide;

  • KyHealth Choices Prior Authorization Call Checklist (08/02/06) - Instructions and interactive response prompts about your prior authorization requests; and

  • Radiology Services that Require Prior Authorization (08/01/06).

  • Thank you for your attention to this announcement

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